Friday, July 8, 2011


Picture from Capital Fringe Festival official site.  Yes, they really do have prosecco on tap.

Good stuff happened Thursday.  A highlight was the Tactile Dinner Car production at the Capital Fringe Festival.  This was good for two reasons.  One: My friend was the director, and I was able to support her on opening night.  Two: I got to pretend for an hour or so that I am actually a hip Washingtonian that frequents events like this on a regular basis.  The show itself was incredibly creative, interactive and involved me getting a sushi shot (as in, big needle filled with fish).  You want more?  You'll have to go check it out.  Tactile Dinner Car is located in the Fringe tent right next to the spot where you can order beer.  Which I did...since my date cancelled on me the day of the production, and I had to show up all alone at an event with people who actually *are* cool by nature (and not faking it, like me).

To reward myself for braving it alone, I headed over to PS7's bar where Gina Chersevani, great guru of mixology, hooked me up with a lovely meal of a coastal roll, a beef and prosciutto (yes, both) small plate and potato doughnut holes with lime and raspberry coulis (that I pretty much licked off the plate).  I found only one of these offerings actually on the menu, but I'm not sure if that's because they were special orders or I just imbibed a bit too much at the bar to be able to read accurately. (Gina's "daily punch"...geez.  All I can say this morning is "ouchie".) It was my decadent meal of the week.

But, the most exciting news is that I finally made contact with someone at The Food Project in Boston, and it looks like we are going to be able to make something happen.  I'll to need to rent a car and navigate the Boston suburbs, but that's ok.  Just excited to see this place in action. Plus, after bugging all my friends and contacts *again* yesterday (love you, friends!), I have a few more leads in the nationwide hopper.  And lots of volunteers to join me in Detroit.  When I begged for a travel companion, who knew Detroit would be such a hot spot?  Not I.

Lastly, I can't believe it, but I'm kind of in love with Twitter.  Despite being a naysayer and disbeliever for the past year, I am finding it incredible useful for making and pursuing contacts.  I like the food justice community.  I'm kind of crushing on them, too, right now.

Tomorrow is the demo at Common Good City Farm.  Hopefully, I'll have enough time to check out the place and take pictures on this visit.  And, yes, I'm making a frittata.  Again.

Happy weekend!

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  1. Sou nd s like fun! Good, did you get ib toch witCarline or Fan? Amin from Food Project knows all about us, so..... Let me k.ow what you new! In boston. At least call up Carline.