Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Things That Are Moving Quickly...and Things That...um...Aren't

YOUR nation's capital on July 4th.  That big, bad black cloud is Mr. Humidity's fault, not mine.  This is what happens in July when you build your city on a swamp.  Oh, and I took this from my apartment window.  Yeah, that's right- fireworks and A/C.

I've been told I shouldn't reveal things on this blog that might indicate that I am anything other than a stellar and component human being.  Because, you know, once you put things on the Internet they exist forEVER and stuff. And I do want to start a business at the end of this whole shebang. (I wish someone had mentioned this theory back when I was writing my food and dating blog. Although now, I can forever blame my postings as the reason for my (apparently non-existent) love life.) So, let's just consider a hypothetical.  Suppose someone was really good about envisioning the future and really good at making split-second decisions, but maybe kind-of, sort-of not so good at the "medium range" decision making process.  How would that person fare at planning a multi-state food justice tour?  Hypothetically.

[I'll pause while you consider.]


Today, I made my travel plans for Boston which is in, oh, TWO WEEKS.  That would be all well and good except right now my itinerary for food justice visits is...empty.  Having a wee bit of a contacts issue.  Worked *really* hard today trying to resolve this.

I do, however, have a few stops in mind at least.  A wish list, if you will:

I'll get back to you on how this itinerary shapes up.  Otherwise, I'll just be eating out and flirting with cute boys for 4 days in Boston.  (Hey...it's good to have a back-up plan.)

In other news, it's my Melissa@Market day over at Zomppa.com.  So, click on the link and pop on over for this farm fresh Cherry Salsa recipe.  Oh, and the real truth about gummy things.  

Don't worry- it's totally competent and stellar over there, too.

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