Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Where Am I?

I could seriously use any one of these cocktails.  Doesn't matter...pass one over.

Planning trips to multiple locations simultaneously is sometimes difficult.  I spent a good portion of today confusing locations in Boston and Philly and then having to go back and re-sort them all out again.  I can't blame drinking or exhaustion since I've been getting a solid 8 hours of sleep every night and have skipped my usual glass or two of wine at night.  (Wait...maybe this means I *should* be having a glass or two of wine every night.  Maybe it gives me super powers.  Antioxidants and all, you know?)

Anywho, I resorted to sending out blind emails to people and places in Boston today.  By next week, I'll be stalking people via Twitter (so very fabulous for stalking I'm learning).  I'm trying to get a better jump on Philly to avoid this situation, although, I'm not as concerned because I have such a fabulous contact there.

Here's the summer travel schedule (mostly places I'll be flying into):

Boston: July 22-25
Philly: August 25-29 (maybe a second trip as well because they've got a lot going on there)
Chicago (possibly Detroit, too): September 22-26
NYC: October 13-15 (Ok, I guess this is Fall, but whatever)

Road Trip will start with New England, most likely Oct. 18-19.  My goal is to be on the West Coast by mid-November.  I'll return via the South in late November and finish up the SouthEast in early December.  However, I have slight panic attacks (read: I get nauseous and feel light-headed) when I think about the logistics of this, so I'm going to breathe into a paper bag now and not talk about it anymore.  Perhaps someone in Texas should plan on hosting me for Thanksgiving though.

Also, really hoping to find someone to travel with me for different "legs" of the trip.  (Read: Detroit.) Anyone want to quit their job and see the country?!  Maybe walk a big, furry dog on occasion?

Anyone? Yes?

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