Thursday, July 21, 2011

In the Nick of Time

Look what's here!

Yeah, my number is blacked out.  I don't want people from the Interwebs calling me.

Of course, I had to have them overnight, express shipped because doing everything just before it absolutely must be done is how I'm rolling lately.   Suddenly this weekend, it struck me that I was about to start the "tour" without business cards. (Other than the lame-o ones with just my name and number that I've basically only used to hand out to boys in bars.  Um, not kidding.) is ten kinds of awesome though and they had these little puppies to me in four days looking all snazzy like I planned them months in advance.  Thank you, Moo.

After a phone conversation this morning solidifying another meeting on my Boston schedule, I briefly had what I thought was a heart attack (for reals, I was contemplating dialing 911...or at least screaming very loudly), but appears to be some sort of spasming muscle near my ribs/diaphragm.  Consequently, I ate a lot of vegetables for lunch and did some yoga just to check my stress levels.  I haven't reached nirvana, but I'd say I'm a bit more serene than how I woke up.  Sometimes breathing just feels GOOD.

I plan on spending the evening at a chill dinner with a friend and then sipping red wine while I study up on The Food Project and Haley House, my first two appointments.  In an ideal world, I'd also finish my piece on Common Good for Zomppa, but after my almost-emergency this morning, I probably won't push my luck.  I need something to do on the plane, right?

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