Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Follow the Farmer!

This is not Relly Bub Farm. It is a farm in Maryland. But, still, it is a farm.
I've been wanting to learn more about what it takes to run a small farm. Actually, let me clarify that. I've been wanting to learn more about what it takes to run a small farm without running one myself. (I know my limits. And my limits are...way too lazy to operate a farm. Plus, I can't even keep a basil plant alive.) Farmers are beyond impressive people...they not only have to have book smarts (do you know the knowledge you need to run a sustainable farming operation??), but physical stamina (most small farmers can't afford a ton of workers and are usually doing much - if not all- of the field work themselves), patience (oh! so much patience! getting a farm up and going can take so much time) and resilience (sustainable farming practices require adaptability to weather and other unforeseen events). In short, farming requires a whole lot of things that I do not possess.

It also requires a farm. I have a one bedroom apartment.

Lucky for me, I ran across Nathan Winters (@follownathan) on Twitter. (Oh how I love the Twitter for connecting people.) Nathan was once a tech and marketing guy in a big city before he decided to switch paths and learn about farming instead. He spent the better part of a year traveling around and working on small and organic farms, eventually settling in Vermont. His values related to food (go read them here) are very similar (if not identical) to mine. Except, you know, he's actually going to GROW it.

Relly Bub Farm is located just outside of Wilmington, Vermont, and I'm terribly excited to be following Nathan's adventures there. I hope he'll allow me to share some of them with you here on this site, too. Until then, you can check him out at the Relly Bub Farm site and blog.  I can't wait to go and visit once the spring season is under way!

I think more now than I ever have about who grows, produces or manufactures (yick!) food in our country. I'm very excited to follow an actual farmer and hear first hand what running a small farm is like. I hope it gives me an even greater appreciation of what it takes to put food on my plate. And maybe you, too.


  1. Melissa,

    Thank you so much for posting this! I love your style of writing. The chickens, pigs and myself will all be excited to have you hear during the season! I promise not to disappoint you with farm updates.

  2. @Belinda, Vermont is a great place to visit. Let me know if you want to swing on by.

    @Melissa, Gotta love the fact that I had a typo within my first comment. Here, Hear... What's there difference, really? As long as the veggies grow.