Thursday, August 4, 2011

Blogged Down

Boston Public Gardens.  No, I did not ride in the swan boat.
I'm behind in my blog posts, and that's predominantly because I keep thinking I'll have time to sit down and really dig into these organizations to give them what I feel they're due.  In Boston, I took in so much information in such a short period of time, I feel lucky part of my brain didn't ooze out my ear. Unfortunately, what this has resulted in is no activity on the blog, period.  That's not so good.  This was my first out-of-town trip, so it's all trial by fire as to what will work.

Boston Skyline from Washington St overpass.  I could have spent days just wandering and looking at the architecture in Boston.
(Here's what might not work: Trying to cram in as much play as business.  The reason I wasn't blogging last week when I returned from Beantown was because I was sleeping.  As in, 13 hours a day.  Hi Flame! Meet candle at both ends!)
This is a guinea hen I met while visiting The Food Project's farm.  Did you know what a guinea hen looked like?  Me, either.  
For now, let's just catch up over the next week with four posts.
Post One: The food organizations I visited in Boston and quick synopses (hey, that's a real word! I wasn't spell-checked!) of each.
Post Two: The fun stuff I saw, ate and visited in Boston.  (Um, maybe I had a little *too* much fun in Boston.)
Post Three: Boston's local food scene as a whole and what I'd still like to see/learn about in the future.
Post Four: What I learned to take forward into Philly!  (Rapidly approaching on August 25.) and beyond.

On my Sunday off, when I should have been, um...WRITING, I wandered the city instead, taking pictures like this one in the Back Bay.
Hopefully, Post One will be up by the end of the day.  Until then, amuse yourself with my latest posts over at Zomppa.  Last week's Melissa@Market on the SoWa Boston Farmer's Market and this week's featuring my dog's latest shenanigans while I was out of town.

Here's a hint as to what Lola was up to while I was in Boston.  I now have one of these on my refrigerator.

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